Zumbo’s by sea

Despite the lure of lesser queues at Cre Asion (although that might have changed in the last few weeks?!) I braved Zumbo’s again, and let’s just say weekdays are a whole different story (less people, more macarons!). From ‘The Lab’, Adriano Zumbo’s cafe and Willy Wonka-esque pastry making kitchen in Rozelle, we picked up a few of his latest macaron flavours:  butterscotch caramel, salted butter popcorn and coffee cream brulee (complete with crunchy sugar coating). The perfect spot to devour them? Perched by the harbour at a small beach backed by parkland in beautiful Birchgrove. Sydney bliss! (Oh, and I recommend buying the butterscotch caramel by the truckload, they’re that good!).


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