Tulip and Brutus

Tulip the ladybug and Brutus the stinkbug never play together! But when disaster looms, can the bugs team up and save themselves?

A fun, stinky story about differences, teamwork and friendship!

Author: Liz Ledden

Illustrator: Andrew Plant

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing

Distributor: NewSouth Books

Age group: 3-6

Publication Date: 1 October 2019

ISBN: 9781925804355

Author Information sheet: CLICK HERE to download



  • Included in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020!
  • Featured on Children’s Book Daily as a ‘best book for 2-4 year olds’ as chosen by Your Kids Next Read Facebook community


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Maze – Get Tulip and Brutus to the Playground

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Tulip and Brutus in puzzle



Here’s what people are saying about TULIP AND BRUTUS:

Picture Book Book Club‘A truly beautiful book about embracing differences , teamwork and learning from each other … Tulip and Brutus will crawl their way into your heart.’

My Picture Book Heart – ‘A gorgeous story of differences, teamwork, and finding friendship where you least expect.’

George Ivanoff, author – ‘It’s a FUN book!’

Magpies Magazine – ‘A pleasant and undemanding read for the very young who will enjoy the lively illustrations … the occasional alliteration providing some extra energy to the text.’

ReadPlus – ‘A warm tale of friendship, or working together to overcome a common problem and of diversity.’

The Bottom Shelf – ‘… being different and diverse is natural, but there is much to learn and enjoy through trying new things.’

Middle Grade Mavens podcast – ‘It’s a charming little book, gorgeously illustrated with a hint of educational value in the background … it is gorgeous!’

Just So Stories (Sue Warren, Teacher Librarian) – ‘This is such a perfect book for going back to school time as small children find themselves in a classroom full of disparate personalities and temperaments – many of them for the first time.’


Feedback from primary school kids at school visits:

‘The story just flows so smoothly.’  (Kindergarten)

‘It has great characterisation.’  (Kindergarten)

‘It’s about being friends with people, even if they’re different.’ (Year 3)

‘I like the way the letters on the front are different and match the characters.’  (Year 3)

‘I love the characters’ names.’  (Year 3)


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