Spring-Summer-Winter: A tasty trio

Spring…a glass-fronted retro villa with contemporary decor and tasty Thai food. Summer…a cosy chocolate dessert restaurant with much sweet temptation. Winter…a loungey lawn bar strewn with huge cushions and low tables for cocktails under the stars. This chic triumvirate form the very cool Spring-Summer-Winter – an almost other-worldly dining experience for this Phnom Penh resident.

After some outdoor lounging we had a Thai feast in Spring dining room with PP friends Virginia and Duncan, including soft shell crab with curry sauce, massamun chicken, fried calamari, chicken with chilli and lemongrass, tasty Asian greens and my favourite – shot glasses of ‘crispy coconut prawn salad bites’. In adjacent building Summer we indulged in some rich chocolate desserts such as the BTS (Better than Sex) – a chocolate cupcake with a hot molten centre, rich chocolate mousse and whipped cream – amazing!

Overall the food and the setting were divine, with the only drawback being the really slow service (though it was a busy Friday night heaving with patrons…). Fellow drinkers and diners were mostly glamourous Thais, including a girl toting a tiny dog in her handbag. Though only an hour’s flight away from Phnom Penh, Bangkok really is a different world!


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