Pchum Ben – Festival of the dead

Offering food and money to the monks

On the weekend Steve’s staff let us tag along with them to a pagoda to make offerings as part of the lead up to Pchum Ben. Pchum Ben is a religious holiday where Cambodians remember their deceased loved ones, and in the two weeks prior to the holiday Cambodia’s temples and pagodas are packed with people bringing food, money and offerings to the monks. Read more about it here.

Our friends decided to go to a poorer pagoda a little outside Phnom Penh, since they figured that those in the city will receive alot of visitors hence alot of money and food – good thinking! We headed across the Japanese bridge then out of town for a while to reach the temple. We certainly attracted a bit of attention (in a good way) and as usual our baby was a hit! There were people videotaping us and cute little toothless old people taking our photo.

Here are some more photos from the morning (by the way, I didn’t realise females are supposed to wear white so I’m wearing a hot pink t-shirt! Being a clueless barang I think I was forgiven).

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  1. the nibbling marmot September 25, 2008 / 8:33 pm

    Hi there,
    My partner has just been offered a job in P.P., and I came across your blog in my expat research.
    Thanks for all of your valuable info.

  2. Liz Ledden September 26, 2008 / 3:52 am

    Hi Beth – hope you’ve found some useful info! Good luck in PP, hope you enjoy it, it is a pretty fun city to live.

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