Kep in The Straits Times

One of my favourite Cambodian destinations, Kep, was one of eight towns featured in an article called ‘Off the beaten track’ in Singapore daily The Straits Times this Tuesday. I contributed the pics (above) for the piece and provided info on a few of my favourite Kep places – Veranda Natural Resort (the sunset pic was taken from its amazing terrace), stylish haven Knai Bang Chatt and of course, the crab shacks!

If you haven’t experienced Kep for yourself, it’s basically a ghost town (slowly springing back to life) located right on the ocean. It’s green and lush and hilly, and dotted with the ruins of 60s villas – some of which served as the holiday homes of Cambodian royalty back in the day (i.e. before things turned nasty).

King Monivong’s old villa, which you can explore
for a small fee to the caretaker 

The lookout at King Sihanouk’s villa
(imagine a sunset soiree here in the 60s!)

Kep is a peaceful little getaway – there’s not too much to do aside from eating plateloads of Kampot pepper crab, exploring the crumbling old villas and perhaps taking a walk along the oceanfront where you’ll encounter some kitsch statues, like the mermaid statue pictured in the article, or the ‘Big Crab’:

Kep has stunning sunsets, yet at other times (like rainy season) has a desolate beauty:

It’s a destination that’s slowly gaining in popularity – hopefully it will withstand development and retain its charm for years to come. I feel a Kep mini-break coming on some time in the near future!


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  1. Xander July 8, 2008 / 8:57 am

    Kep is such an amazing place- I’d go just for the curried pepper crab, though the lush setting and atmospheric villas are a definite bonus. -X

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