Katsu-don with a side of character

Great Japanese restaurants abound in Bangkok, but Thonglor eatery Sendai Ramen Mokkori has a little something extra in the form of a very exuberant staff member. We’ve affectionately dubbed him ‘crazy yelling man’, and yell he does – every time someone enters or exits the restaurant he excitedly yells out a greeting or farewell at the top of his lungs. As for the food itself, dishes including ramen noodle soup, yaki-tori with curry sauce and comforting katsu-don make for a tasty and cheap – albeit noisy – dining experience.


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  1. Andrew June 23, 2008 / 6:56 am

    I’ve been to Sendai Ramen…one of my favorites in the area, and yes the staff can be loud. This is very authentic to what it is like in Japanese Ramen shops (where i have lived for 5 years). Highly recommended!

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