I love iberry!

One of the first places I visited after arriving in Bangkok is one of my favourites – iberry at J Avenue on Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor). A Thai homegrown success story, the chain was founded by two Thai siblings and has grown into a much loved ice-cream empire, albeit only found in Thailand (so far!).

Featuring delicious ice-creams, icy fruity drinks (‘Smoothberries’) and bakery treats at the Mousses & Meringues counter, the J Avenue iberry is a cool, all white haven from the heat with some whimsical vintage-look touches. The Thai inspired sorbet flavours (like mangosteen) are particularly good, and next time I might try the tamarind or salted plum. Luckily (or dangerously) I’m staying within walking distance so can return whenever the mood strikes – which could be daily!


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