Excess baggage? Try a clothing swap…

Clothing swaps are a fun way of getting rid of old clothes and scoring something new in the process (whether travelling, living in expat-land, or back in the real world!). When living in Phnom Penh, I went to my first ever clothing swap and loved it. Three of us gathered at a friend’s apartment laden with clothes and accessories we no longer wanted, and with cool tunes playing and champagne flowing we displayed our wares and traded threads. We then gave all the leftover items (alot) to one of the girl’s Khmer boyfriend, who took the clothes to his home village in Prey Veng province to distribute. I can just picture a bunch of excited Khmer girls running around showing off their new outfits, and by all reports this is pretty much what happened! There are plenty of online resources on how to hold a clothing swap – such as this. I might have to have a Saigon swap soon!

Image courtesy fjom

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  1. jen laceda March 24, 2009 / 8:01 pm

    I do it all the time with friends!! I’ve given away my skinny clothes, and in turn, have taken some of my friends’ “unwanted” stuff!

  2. Kaila July 2, 2009 / 1:30 am

    This is such a great idea! I’m in the Philippines right now and I’m SO bored of my travel clothes! I’ll have to consider holding one of these when I get to my next destination…Thanks for the tip. And great site btw – I’ve bookmarked it and will keep updated. Will be hopefully coming by your hood in the next few months so need to get these insider tips!

  3. A Girl in Asia July 2, 2009 / 8:43 am

    Hi Kaila – thanks for bookmarking my site! Just tried to look at yours but I couldn’t get it to open for some reason, will try again soon! Enjoy the travels (and the clothing swap!)

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