Dining out Sihanoukville style

On our earlier trips to Sihanoukville we were ensconced on Serendipity Beach eating mediocre backpacker fare and local yet very oily and disappointing seafood, not realising that just a little further afield were some much better dining options. This time around, a little savvier to what was where down Sihanoukville way, we had a much better experience.

The twin Japanese restaurants Ku-Kai and Happa were highlights, housed in one cute thatched roof building with a low dividing wall between the two. Happa features teppanyaki with small plates of vegetables or meats cooked with your choice of sauce in the centre of the restaurant (the teriyaki chicken, miso-sesame prawns and garlic ginger beef we ordered were all delicious). Neighbouring Ku-Kai has a Japanese menu featuring all the usuals (tempura prawns, miso soup etc.), though they were out of sashimi while we there – word has it that it’s really fresh and fantastic though, maybe next time!

We also checked out Reef Resort’s Mexican menu with their tasty jalapeno poppers a standout, and paid several visits to Holy Cow for really reasonably priced, fresh and tasty cafe fare. The spicy pumpkin soup even inspired us to make our own once we got back to Phnom Penh.


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