Devoured & discovered {30.08.13}

The signature son-in-law eggs at Chi & Co.

The signature son-in-law eggs at Chi & Co.


Best recent (Sydney) eats: woodfired goodness at new restaurant Ester in Chippendale, home-style quiches, flaky sausage rolls and Little Marionette coffee at Petersham’s Pig & Pastry, luscious French toast with ricotta, rhubarb and salted caramel at West Juliett (WJC again?! I know), drinks at Mary’s in Newtown, the delicious pork hock hash at Excelsior Jones and the best. meal. ever. at Chi & Co. in Canley Heights (blog post coming soon!).

+ Homegrown: our celery is finally ready and while not as ‘chunky’ as shop-bought it’s one of the lowest maintenance veges we’ve grown and doesn’t seem to have attracted pests – highly recommend it if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs!


+ Loving: this series on surprising things about motherhood around the world on A Cup of Jo. It focuses on American expats living in different countries (so far there’s Japan, Norway, Congo, Northern Ireland, Mexico and Abu Dhabi), with families adapting to local customs and attitudes around babies and kids (cue flashbacks of own experiences with babies in Cambodia and Vietnam. The attention, the non-stop advice and old wives tales galore!). The diversity of each experience is what makes this series so compelling.

+ Also: this blog series by Australian freelance writer and author Allison Tait on social media for writers (though lots of the ideas could be applied whether you’re a writer or not). If you’ve ever wondered how google+ and Pinterest could be relevant for writers, this series offers some great insights. And may just entice you to expand your social media repertoire.


+ Orange is the new Black is so addictive
+ Taking the road less travelled with a baby – some helpful family travel tips from All Abroad Baby
+ A fascinating, disturbing and emotional documentary on being a woman in India (you can watch the whole thing on youtube)


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