Cool Campsie find: Snow Monkey frozen yoghurt

Inside Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey fro yo

Fro-yo seems to be a food trend that won’t die. When we were living in Saigon a couple of years ago frozen yoghurt stores arrived with a vengeance, suddenly appearing all over the city. Now they’re popping up in King Street, Newtown, and other random Sydney spots, like Campsie! After a Malaysian lunch at Albee’s Kitchen (think ginormous serves of authentic laksa and stir fried noodles with sambal and seafood) we came across a cool frozen yoghurt cafe called Snow Monkey nearby. There are fake palm trees, table tops made of surfboards, a collage of colourful pictures drawn by its pint-sized clientele and there’s even a slippery dip inside. A quite generous ‘small’ scoop of fro-yo is only $2.50, with flavours including pomegranate and mango, and it’s 50 cents for a topping ranging from virtuous fruit to more junky options. Snow Monkey reminds me of the unique, quirky little places you stumble across in cool neighbourhoods in southeast Asia, like Bangkok’s Siam Square. If you happen to eat at Albee’s (and if you’re looking for a Malaysian fix, you should!) it’s a sweet little spot for dessert afterwards, sliding optional.

Snow Monkey, 270 Beamish Street, Campsie, tel: 02 9789 0227

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