Chatuchak Market madness

The behemoth of all Bangkok markets (in fact, the world’s markets!) Chatuchak has to be experienced to be believed. The sheer size of what’s reputedly the world’s largest outdoor market means you can literally lose yourself in the never-ending aisles.

With sections devoted to everything from live animals (think cute puppies and birds of non-native, dubious looking origin) to secondhand clothes, kitchenware, plants, homewares, beads and more, it pays to be a bit selective if you want to seek out the best bits and avoid the touristy junk.

One of my favourite sections is home to stalls of the more unique variety, where young, up and coming Thai designers showcase items that are far from run of the mill. Many have put individual and highly creative touches on their stalls’ interiors – some have floorboards, chandeliers, painted walls and ‘proper’ shelving and fixtures, making them more like mini-boutiques than market stalls.

So where is this enclave of cool within Chatuchak’s mighty bounds, you may wonder? It’s located near the entrance to the subway (that’s the underground, not the skytrain..but you knew that right?!). To get there – assuming you’ve just got off the skytrain at Mo Chit station – you enter the market, turn left, and keep walking and walking (for what seems like ages) past all the secondhand guys’ jeans and t-shirt stalls.

Eventually this section will give way to the aforementioned stalls, with a very eye-catching spirit house in the centre. Despite the crowds and chaos many Thai visitors make time to stop by here for a quick prayer.


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