Cafe crush: My local!

Saigon is crammed full of cafes in every shape and form – from the shiny and new chain variety to funky, quirky hideaways – but for an excellent cafe sua da I can’t go past my local coffee shop. A little home away from home for me, the cafe ’round the corner is of the variety typically found all over Vietnam. Rows of plastic seats akin to beach chairs line the pavement, all facing out to the street (just like Paris! Sort of….). Coffee is served on little foldout card tables, and is always accompanied by complimentary iced jasmine tea, which the owner continuously refills.

Not only is my local a source of great coffee, but a warm and welcoming place with friendly, chatty owners whose extended family is often around. Although I love my Illy and Lavazza (and my Trung Nguyen!) and seeking out cool little Saigon coffee spots, I’m really glad I have a regular, local haunt too. This might be one address I keep to myself!

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  1. Yoli May 25, 2009 / 4:46 pm

    I could be there forever!

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