{behind the blog} Charlie Hunton of Sea Circus

Some of the art that will grace Sea Circus’ stylish walls
The second installment of ‘behind the blog’ profiles Charlie Hunton of Sea Circus – also the name of her new Bali-based restaurant (think a design blog come to life!). Her blog showcases the aesthetics and inspiration behind the evolution of the restaurant, plus snapshots of the best bits of Bali life.

Where do you live/where are you now?
I’m lucky enough to say that I live in Bali – ‘the island of the gods’.
What are you currently…

I’m reading ‘The food of love’ by Anthony Capella. I have only just started it but already it has whisked me away to the backstreets of Rome. The love triangle is as delicious as the Italian food, and Capella’s writing is as witty as ever… although the coffee geek in me slightly prefers his other book ‘The various flavours of coffee’ which has one of the most uncontrollably funny protagonists I have ever read. A must.
…listening to?
The Eden CDs. The origins of this collection are uncertain, but rumours say this is a 5CD set of CD-R’s that James Lavelle left behind at the 2003 eden festival. It’s a brilliant collection of unkle mixes or unkle related recordings. I’m currently putting together the restaurant playlist so have lots of friends sending me new/rare/classic music. Any music suggestions are welcomed and encouraged…
Well literally I’m watching endless parades of Balinese hindus marching to the temple – they have taken over the streets with incense, gamulan music, flags and floats. Each village is going together to prepare their village temples for ‘nyepi’ – the silent day. The Balinese believe this is the day that evil spirits fly over the island so they try to make the island look dead so that the spirits pass over. Yhey turn off all the electricity – so it looks like no one’s home. You are also meant to be really quiet and no one is allowed out of their house [apart from the local ‘pacalan’ who patrol the streets intervening mischievous/disrespectful tourists].

The best mie goreng in Bali – in my current favourite jaunt, ‘biku’.

Shorts and tee and it’s still too hot!

A grand opening party for my new restaurant ‘Sea Circus’. The date is April Fool’s. The theme is ‘circus freak’ so I am planning staff outfits, entertainers, prizes, surprises, food, wine, music, guestlist, photographer, press… oh and designing my own costume too [i am the lion tamer!].

…obsessed with?
The perfect cup of coffee [literally taken out a small mortgage on my beautiful new synesso cyncra coffee machine and electronic mazzer grinder].

Favourite cuisines?
I love the balance of Japanese food – unlike many other cuisines it feels so good for you and tastes so subtly delicious. I also love the current trend of smaller share dishes; I always like to try lots of different tastes and flavours and love the social ritual that goes with sharing food, so the concept for my restaurant is ‘sharing’ with a focus on seafood.

Favourite travel destinations?
So many, too many, and far too many more on the list. But the place I kind of want to go to every time I travel is France; I’ve lived in its mountains, by its sea and in its beautiful capital city. and I adore it. Laid back surf sessions in Hossegor, crazy summer fetes in Pays Basque, apperos with farmers in Correze, l’opera and l’entrecote in Bordeaux, chateaus and aristo’s in le Loire… and then there’s Paris. My head still seems to be stuck in the rues pavees of le 14eme.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where and why?
In South America – where I would do nothing but dance salsa and speak Spanish.

Who/what inspires you?
When Gene Wilder was Willy Wonka – ‘We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.’

3 of your must-read blogs?
These women are 3 of the many that inspire me on a daily basis.
Thanks Charlie!

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