Back in Saigon and goals for 2009

Bring on the Year of the Ox

After a month (yes, month!) in sunny Sydney celebrating Christmas, catching up with family and friends, and gorging on Lebanese sweets, yum cha, macarons and more, I’m now back in Saigon, just in time for Tet. Tet is Vietnam’s New Year, and the city is gearing up for the big event with decorations adorning every tree, shop, building, and street. It’s really quite festive and a nice time to be back!

During my break I decided to set some goals for 2009 (or the Year of the Ox) – ranging from really small things (like getting the 1920s style posters I bought last year in Shanghai finally framed) to bigger things – like career goals and travel plans. The main ones are:
To take a trip to somewhere in the Middle East, a region I’ve yet to visit but am fascinated with. At the moment the plan is Syria, which sounds amazing. If this doesn’t eventuate for whatever reason, Japan is another frontrunner for the major trip of the year. Lots of small trips and long weekend ideas are also in the works for this year including a trip to Phu Quoc Island in Southern Vietnam, a long weekend or two in Bangkok (for the gazillionth time but we love the place), a trip back to our old home – Phnom Penh, plus lots of other trips around Vietnam.
The main goal – to keep writing! I need to branch out and try and get some articles published in regional magazines (as well as some more local ones), which is my main aim for this year. I also need to update everything I’ve let go over the past few months – namely, my online portfolio. I also need to make an updated resume, new business cards with my Saigon number, and a more interesting looking invoice template. Oh, and of course, I aim to keep blogging, say 3 times a week (at least!).
Home & Health:
With Tan Dinh Market a short walk away, I’ve got no excuse not to stock up on the freshest produce rather than schlep to far flung supermarkets in search of imported goods all the time. I also want to explore more of our neighbourhood eateries, including the street food stalls. And to cook some new and interesting dishes and to make cakes and other sweet treats in our Asian style portable oven. I need to read more – and not just magazines! Having a baby really puts book reading on the backburner, but now Z is sleeping better I should have more time to read – great! I also want to start doing yoga again – I was doing yoga every week when pregnant but have sadly stopped. I want to try and do a half hour session 3 times a week (built up to slowly…of course!).

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  1. jen laceda January 19, 2009 / 1:30 pm


    Happy New Year !!! I was born in the year of the Ox (1973). I hope this spells some luck for me this year 🙂

    Your plans & goals sound fantastic. I will be waiting eagerly to read all about your adventures!

    One of my goals this 2009 is to polish my writing by taking classes, reading books, and learning from professionals (such as you) in order to get at least 1 article published by the end of the year!


  2. A Girl in Asia January 19, 2009 / 1:44 pm

    Hi Jen – I thought by making my new year’s resolutions public it would force me to do them :-). Good luck with the writing – I’d love to do a writing class too but I don’t think that’s possible in Saigon..

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