Ashfield day, Shanghai Night

The destination:

Shanghai Night for northern Chinese cuisine in the heart of Ashfield’s bustling restaurant and food shopping strip – think Indian spice stores, seafood shops, huge fruit and veg emporiums and copious Chinese restaurants (did someone say dumplings?!).

The vibe:
A busy, buzzing, happy, family oriented scene heavy on Chinese patrons, with no frills decor complete with colourful cardboard signage showcasing the specials.

The eats:
Dumplings (of course!) in the form of pork and crab soup dumplings and a pork and coriander variety, with a huge platter of spicy Sichuan chicken, one of the restaurant’s ‘winter specials’.

The verdict:
The delicious pork and coriander dumplings dunked in vinegar trumped the ‘not quite as good as Din Tai Fung’ soup dumplings (though they definitely beat DTF for price), while the Sichuan chicken was bursting with spice, heat and flavour. A winner for a cheap and cheerful foray into Ashfield’s Asian food scene.

Shanghai Night, 275 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, tel: 02 9798 8437

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  1. Kristina August 16, 2011 / 6:53 pm

    ahhh dieing to see those dumplings! one of my most favorite chinese treats ever! soooo good!! 🙂

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