A walk on the cakeside


I’ve been indulging (again) in one of the few remaining vices suitable for a 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant chick – cake – this time at princessy pink and white sugar shrine Cakewalk.

With fanciful wedding cakes on display (think innovative and stylish rather than traditional and tacky…mostly!) and a cabinet full of individual servings of luscious cake and mousse concoctions to entice, there’s also a flat screen television tuned to Fashion TV (what else?!), lace umbrella-like light fixtures and clear perspex chairs completing the scene.

The three cakes we tried were each rich and delicious – an earl grey chocolate mousse (with bonus chocolatey bits on top), banana cake with a crunchy toffee lid and chocolate strawberry ‘tuxedo’ cake (so named as it’s topped with a tuxedo-wearing strawberry, naff but yum!).

Bangkokians really know how to create unique cafe interiors and whip up amazing desserts too…a sweet match.


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