A visit to Cambodian artist Chhim Sothy

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the home and studio of established Cambodian artist Chhim Sothy. After noticing his work at a few exhibitions around town and in local magazine Touchstone we contacted Sothy to ask if we could see more of his art, to which he obliged.

In his late 30s, Sothy has lived, studied and exhibited abroad, which is reflected in his style fusing traditional Cambodian imagery with other influences. Though many of his paintings are celebrations of colour at first glance, some contain hints about Cambodia’s past. Sothy is about to show some of his works at Phnom Penh’s Ocean Restaurant, then is off to exhibit in Jakarta.

I would love to own some of his art as the ultimate Cambodian memento, though sifting through his extensive stacks of paintings makes the decision about which piece to buy a very difficult one!

Image via Saklapel


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